Guide to pan frying

Perfect for small to medium sized cuts - like steaks up to 250g

1. Prepare the meat


About 20 minutes before you start cooking, remove the defrosted meat from its vacuum packaging and pat dry with kitchen paper. Spread out your steaks on a board in a single layer to 'bloom' and come to room temperature.

2. Preheat your pan


Using a heavy frying pan or griddle and make sure it is preheated to the highest temperature before you start. Brush the steaks with oil so they don't stick. You should hear a sizzle when you place the meat into a pan. Using a pan which is not hot enough can cause toughness.

3. Cook to your liking


Sear your steaks for the recommended time for rare, medium or well done. Turn your steaks gently and only once to avoid letting out juices and drying out the meat. Use the press test to check if your steaks are done, and be careful not to overcook.

4. Rest your meat


During resting the juices spread evenly through the meat, leaving it tender and succulent. Place the steaks on a rack, cover loosely with foil and leave in a warm place (e.g.a 60ºC oven with the fan turned off). Do this for up to ten minutes. It's always better to over-rest than under-rest.

5. Use a good steak knife


Finally, always use a razor-sharp, unserrated knife to cut your steaks. A sharp blade slices cleanly through the steak, without the need to 'saw' and enhances your whole eating experience.

Steak blooming
Steak on griddle
Pan cooking steak
Sirloin steak cut
Pan frying cooking guide