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Buy meat online from a Butcher you can trust

With over 40 years of knowledge in craft butchery, here at Donald Russell our expert Butchers sustainably source and cut our meat, meaning that buying premium quality meats has never been easier, from an award-winning, online Butcher here in the UK.

We strive to deliver the very best in taste and have an ethical approach to sourcing our meat. We only consider traditionally reared, grass-fed cattle and flocks from the very best British farms, and deliver award-winning taste by expertly maturing some of our cuts for up to 35 days. From hand-cut and grass-fed meat to professional freezing, we ensure each cut is at the peak of maturation and has no artificial preservatives.

The result is conveniently delivered cuts of meat direct to your door, and the quality is as high as the moment it left the Butcher’s knife. So you can buy meat online with complete confidence from us.

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British premium meats from Donald Russell

Our Steaks

Made from British grass-fed beef, our premium steak selection is traditionally matured to deliver a tender texture and an unrivalled rich flavour.

Our Beef

As one of the best places to buy meat online in the UK, we take great pride in our premium quality beef cuts, which are expertly cut by our Butchers.

Our Lamb

When it comes to our lamb, we only use lambs raised on open pastures and matured for at least 10 days for the best tasting free-range meat.

Our Pork

Our high quality pork products are specially selected to offer you the most succulent sausages, flavoursome chops and hand cut premium roasts.

Our Sausages

Served with mash or as part of a fry up breakfast, our expertly prepared range of sausage flavours will delight your taste buds.

Our Chicken

Our free-range chicken is reared on poultry farms and wooded pastures. Succulent, flavourful and available in a wide variety of cuts.

Our Burgers

Whether it's barbecue weather or a winter wonderland, you can always tuck into our meaty burgers.

Our Turkey

We offer so much more than just your Christmas turkey, with a choice of free-range turkey crowns, cuts and joints available all year round.

Our Duck

From duck breast to Confit Duck Legs, our free-range poultry selection is filled with flavour, and expertly prepared by our experienced Butchers.

Our Seafood

Explore and buy seafood online with our variety of different types of seafood and fish, caught fresh from the North East Atlantic.

Our Game

Discover our Butchers' selection of wild game meats, which are all nutritious, lean and are sourced from the wild British countryside.

Our Sides

From our signature Alpine Fries to traditional Homestyle Yorkshire Puddings, we have premium sides to go with every meal, from steak nights to Sunday dinner. 

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Our Ready Meals

Let us take the hassle out of dinner time with our range of ready meals, including heat from frozen premium dinners, crafted by our experienced Chefs and made with our quality meats.

Our Meat Boxes

If you can't decide, opt for our meat hampers and boxes, featuring select meat cuts and convenience favourites. That's dinner sorted.

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Our story

For over 40 years, our highly experienced Butchers have selected, matured, cut and trimmed the very best meat for the very best Chefs and restaurants in the country. Enjoy and experience the exact same quality in the comfort of your own home when you buy meat online with us, joining thousands of customers who have discovered our commitment to taste and quality.


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