4 award-winning Ribeye steaks now £32 - Shop now

4 award-winning Ribeye steaks now £32 - Shop now

4 award-winning Ribeye steaks now £32 - Shop now

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Covid-19 update from Donald Russell

Coronavirus update

Amidst the concerns over the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we wanted to put your mind at rest regarding the supply and delivery of your Donald Russell order.

There is no scientific evidence that the virus is food or food packaging borne. It can only be transmitted through close contact with someone who is infected.

What we are doing

As a food company, we take hygiene extremely seriously as a matter of course, both for our customers and for the health and safety of our employees . We pass our audits with flying colours, and have been held up as an example of best practice in this area. We were delighted to achieve BRC AA accreditation this year, and we live and breathe these values on a daily basis.

However, we have installed extra hand sanitising points throughout our premises, changed our production operation floor layout to ensure social distancing is achieved, introduced plastic screens between work stations, introduced extra shifts with less people on each to ensure social distancing, have provided PPE and facemasks, and are undertaking an even more thorough and frequent than usual approach to the cleaning of our premises and equipment.

We constantly review and update our risk assessments and procedures to ensure they are in line with UK Government and best practice Industry guidelines, and for our staff welfare.

We are also liaising closely with our courier partners, who are taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety.

We’re communicating with our staff on a daily basis and monitoring the situation extremely closely, ready to respond if required

How we can help you

The benefits of ordering from Donald Russell order are even more relevant at the moment.

There’s plenty of it. Whether fresh or frozen, we have abundant stocks of premium, traditionally matured meat and more.

It’s delivered directly to the address of your choosing. We have several reliable courier partners who can get your order straight to you, in many cases within 24 hours.

We’re here to help. Whether you order online or through your personal contact, we have a highly skilled team ready to assist in your orders. Adaptability and responsiveness are all part of the package – if your requirements change, we’re there for you.

We provide the option of delivering frozen. This safe and hygienic model means you can stock up supplies and have plenty of top quality food right where you need it, and when you need it, without worrying about waste.

There’s plenty of variety. As well as great meat, we have slow cooked options, sides, veg and desserts - all made with premium, nutritious ingredients.

So rest assured, you’re always in safe hands with Donald Russell.

Frequently asked questions

What is Donald Russell doing?

First and foremost, we’re looking after our staff while they’re working hard to make sure your orders get to you. As we’re providing food, our staff are key workers who are still allowed to come to work. Anyone who can is working from home, and we’ve implemented strict social distancing measures for those who are still here.

All non-essential travel has been cancelled, and we are using technology to facilitate remote meetings. Any vulnerable or high-risk colleagues are being fully supported so they do not find themselves in a risky situation.

What about delivery dates?

Due to the increase in the number of orders, delivery availability is further ahead than usual. We are now delivering within 7 days of orders being placed. So please do bear this in mind when you get in touch – you might want to add a few extra items.

Will products be replaced without warning

Where the Goods ordered by the Buyer are not available from stock, Donald Russell will provide an alternative substitution product, which will be of equal or greater value at no additional cost.

Can I order for someone else?

Most of us have relatives or neighbours who we’re concerned about. Remember, we’re happy to help them too. You can place an order of nutritious, delicious food for contactless delivery anywhere in the UK, which is a comfort when you can’t be there to check on them in person.