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Turkey Tips

Want to make the absolute most of your Christmas turkey? Of course you do! Our resident Chef, Eddie, shares his tips on cooking and presenting Christmas Day turkey so that your festive centrepiece looks just as good as it tastes by using a glaze to enhance that mouth-watering golden glow.

Turkey finishing paste

  • 1 x 10g vegetable or chicken stock cube
  • 3 x tsp quality olive oil
  • 1 x tsp Dijon mustard

Crumble the stock cube into a small bowl, add the other ingredients and beat to a smooth paste. Using a basting brush (or the back of a spoon!), baste over the skin of your rested Turkey and pop it under a hot grill for a few moments until the colour darkens.

Extra tips from Chef Eddie

  • Remove any bands from the turkey’s legs so the heat reaches the thigh area and cooks more evenly
  • Cooking the turkey upside down will keep the breast meat moist as the fat of the bird trickles through
  • Once fully cooked and rested, simply (but carefully!) re-tie the drum sticks together with a little string for a neat table presentation