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Donald Russell’s Healthy Meals for Weight Loss

The key to weight loss is simple: consume less calories than you use. Making this happen consistently is much trickier. Especially when you want food that’s richly flavoured and heavy enough to satisfy your hunger.

With over 40 years of supplying fine food to premium restaurants, hotels and the Royal Households, we have lots of experience in making sure that the healthy food you’re looking for is just as delicious as the food you’re trying to avoid.

We’ve put together a selection of meal suggestions which are low in fat, high in nutrients and packed full of flavour. From steak salads to healthy twists on classic comfort foods, you’ll find something to enjoy that won’t take hours of preparation.

Thai Beef Salad

Our grass-fed British beef fillet is tender and delicately flavoured with very little fat. Our Chef’s recipe combines this with aromatic Thai spices such as coriander and mint for a salad that packs a punch. 

With less than 300 calories and 32g of protein per steak, fillet is a delicious choice for healthy eating. It's lean, high in protein, iron and vitamin B12 and of course, full of flavour. 

Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is a classic, comforting meal. For a healthier version, you can switch out your regular mince for our Lean Minced Steak. Made from the same grass-fed British beef as our award-winning steaks and roasts, it’s specially selected to have less than 5% fat without compromising on flavour. 

To cut back on the carbs, replace the potato with a cauliflower mash. Naturally tender and creamy, it’s a delicious addition to the big beef flavours. A rich, comforting meal that can help weight loss and support a healthier lifestyle. 

Fillet Steak Burgers

Burgers and healthy eating don’t always go hand in hand. You can still indulge in your favourites without ditching the diet. 

Our Fillet Steak Burger is made with our premium, grass-fed British beef fillet. It has a rich yet delicate flavour and tender short-grained texture. With 8% fat and a 40g of protein, you can enjoy it without any worries.

For a tasty, healthy topping, combine tomatoes, red onion, chilli and avocado with lime juice and fresh coriander for an avocado salsa. Add more chilli if you like it spicy or less if you prefer it cooler.

For an alternative to chips, cut some butternut squash, carrot and aubergine into strips and roast with some olive oil, salt and paprika. 
Burger and chips without blowing the diet. 

Fish Tacos

Enjoy fresh, delicious tacos while counting calories. Our Wild Scottish Haddock is sustainably sourced from the North-Atlantic Ocean with a firm, juicy texture and fresh, mild flavour. An excellent match for the strong flavours of lime and tequila. Haddock is a great choice for healthy eating with less than 1g of fat and over 30g of protein. 

Our Chef’s Lime & Tequila Fish Taco recipe is a delicious midweek meal that packs a punch and is ready in minutes.

Chicken Salad

Chicken is often the go-to choice for low-fat meat, with good reason. At around 1% fat, chicken fillet is versatile, easy to cook and healthy. This recipe for Chicken Salad with New Potatoes uses poached chicken for an even healthier result.

Packed with green vegetables, this salad is full of vitamins and nutrients as well as flavour.

Turkey Escalope

When it comes to lean, flavourful meat - turkey is for life, not just for Christmas. As well as being tender, succulent and tasty, our Free-range Turkey Escalopes have less than 1% fat and a whopping 60g of protein.  

For a quick, easy and delicious meal, season and fry the thin-cut escalopes quickly before serving with couscous and edamame beans. 

Prawn Stir Fry

Prawns are another tasty choice that’s low in fat and packed with protein. They’re naturally sweet and juicy and great with anything from curries to risottos 

Combine with mangetout and tender stem broccoli in a stir-fry with egg noodles. Fry some garlic, ginger and chilli before adding the rest of the ingredients. Finish with some honey, soy sauce and rice wine and serve with noodles for a quick and easy meal that tastes great. 

These are our suggestions of healthy meal plans for weight loss. If you have your own, share them with us and we’ll publish our favourites!