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Great Taste Award Winners - Lamb RackGreat Taste Award Winners - Lamb Rack

We are proud to have won a further seven Great Taste Awards in 2020.

The most recognised food award in the world, Great Taste is judged in ‘blind tastings’ by 500 of the most discerning palates – food critics, chefs, cooks and restaurateurs as well as food writers and journalists. This year, we’ve won new awards for our Ribeye Roast, Porchetta Roast and Lincolnshire Sausages, amongst others. Well done to our hardworking team and thank you to the Great Taste judges for the complimentary feedback.

Browse the selection of our new winners below and let us know what you think when you try them yourself. Our customers, after all, will always be our most important critics. Keep us posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – we would love to hear your thoughts.

Great Taste award winners 2020

"Very attractive rack of lamb with excellent meaty aroma. The texture is to die for soft succulent and melts in the mouth."


"This fabulous looking, long aged and generously marbled tomahawk delivers a lingering, deep beefy flavour. The texture was tender and the fat deliciously indulgent."

"We adore the aroma of your minced steak; it has deep rich buttery grassy pasture scents. The quality of the beef really shines through; it has a lot of natural flavour."

"A beautiful looking piece of beef. A distinct line of fat running through. The outer edge is scrumptious, malty and rich. The lesser cooked part is very tender and has a good clean deep beef flavour with a melt in the mouth texture."


"Very attractive generously-sized sausages with a bright glossy thin casing. The ratio of meat to fat is well-balanced and the seasoning is just right without the nutmeg being too overpowering."


"What a stunning product! Perfectly caramelized. The crackling is great, crisp and crunchy. The meat has real depth of flavour and the fat gives it a juicy sweetness. The herbs when you get them add flavour and freshness.  Quite close to perfect."

  • As well as these, our Porchetta Shoulder Steaks also won a Great Taste award, though these are not currently available.

Great Taste award winners 2019

"Lovely bit of marbling running through a generous steak. Easy-cutting, tender meat with some beefy flavour, even without salt or seasoning. Well-hung with no gameyness."

"A very handsome steak! Juicy and absolutely chocker block with flavour. The sirloin was stunning and the fillet just melted in our mouths and left us wanting the eat the lot."

"A very handsome steak! Juicy and absolutely chocker block with flavour. The sirloin was stunning and the fillet just melted in our mouths and left us wanting the eat the lot."

"Great looking bird, very appetising, legs are well proportioned. Aroma is enticing, the meat is tender and succulent and the skin is delicious, really full of flavour."


"Really good beef flavour, with a texture to match. Colour is good and the fillet has a pleasing taste and tenderness, still giving a rich and deep flavour, and natural caramelising."


"A good-looking piece of meat with appealing caramelisation but a very slim fat layer. Succulent and tender with a pleasant beefy flavour without gaminess."


"Cut beautifully. Crisp, well glazed and caramelised pastry. Perfectly cooked. Fragrant. Light pork flavour with a pleasant herbiness and gentle sweetness. The over all effect is of light flavours lasting well."

We also won awards for our:

Dry Aged Rib Steak
Easy Carve Lamb Saddle
Mini Three Bird Roast
Dry Aged Rump Steak
Luganighetta Sausages

which are not currently available

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Great Taste award winners 2018