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Help us help the environment

Great news! We’ve finally found an eco-friendly box that keeps your orders just as cold and safe as our polystyrene ones.

What’s this magical box made of? Simple: a cardboard box, lined with pure, natural wool.
It’s sustainable, compostable and fully biodegradable. You can even send the woollen liners back to the makers, for free, so that they can be reused in other boxes.

Wool’s fantastic. It’s a natural by-product of rearing sheep – most of them have to be sheared regularly for their own welfare.
It’s also got amazing insulation properties – as you’ll know if you’ve ever owned a cosy pair of woollen socks!

Our new boxes are made by washing and felting this wool, and putting it inside a thin, food-grade plastic wrap which is fully recyclable.
This liner then slots inside a cardboard box, keeping your orders safe, protected and fully frozen.

Many of you have been asking for this solution for years now, and we’re delighted that we can finally offer it to you!

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Frequently asked questions...

How do I order one?

When you place an order, an eco box will be available to add, simply tick the box at the checkout.

What will it cost?

There’s a subsidised cost of £4.50 for our new eco boxes. That will cover your whole order, however many boxes you use. If you’d rather use a polystyrene box, simply untick the box at the checkout, and you will get a polystyrene box at no charge.

How do I send my liner back for reuse?

The liners from our boxes can be sent away for reuse. Just remove the outer food-grade wrap and add it to your mixed recycling, saving the wool liners. You can save up the liners in one of your own boxes (all but the very largest of our boxes are suitable for this), and when it’s full, send it back to Woolcool for free so that it can be washed and reused in other boxes. How great is that?

Take a look here to find out how to go about it: www.woolcool.com/pioneers. Alternatively, you can call 01785 262030 or email sales@woolcool.com, and someone will be able to help you.

How can I reuse my liner at home?

You can reuse the liners yourself, too. First, remove the outer food-grade wrap (it goes in your mixed recycling) so you're left with pure wool. There are lots of ways to reuse this, ranging from lagging pipes to craft projects or pet beds – take a look at #LetsBoxClever to see what others are doing with them!

Can I recycle my box?

Some councils also accept the wool liners for recycling, too – give your one a ring to find out which bin it should go into.

The plastic covering from the liners, and the cardboard outers, can simply be added to your standard mixed recycling.

How can I compost my liner?

If you don’t want to reuse your liner, you can add it to your compost bin, where it will break down harmlessly to help enrich your garden soil. Simply take the outer wrap off – this can go into your mixed recycling – and add the wool to your compost. It’s got no nasty chemicals, and will biodegrade naturally wherever it ends up.

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