Premium 4.5kg Bumper Meat Box now £50 - Shop now

Premium 4.5kg Bumper Meat Box now £50 - Shop now

Premium 4.5kg Bumper Meat Box now £50 - Shop now

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Goodbye polystyrene, hello cardboard!

You asked, we delivered! Introducing our revolutionary NEW cardboard box, designed to transform the way we deliver our frozen food to our valued customers.

We are thrilled to introduce a packaging solution that not only ensures the highest quality of our products, but also prioritises sustainability and the enviroment. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, this new way of transporting our restaurant-quality food combines strength and insulation to ensure your order stays frozen throughout its journey. With it's well trialled design, this box will prevent temperature changes, maintaining outstanding conditions for your frozen food.

We've taken every detail into consideration, from its appealing design to its user-friendly features, guaranteeing an enjoyable unboxing experience. Join us on this exciting adventure into the sustainability world as we revolutionise the future of frozen food delivery, without compromising on quality, the environment, or customer satisfaction!

Frequently asked questions...

Will everyone receive a cardboard box?

At Donald Russell, we're currently transitioning to cardboard packaging, prioritising next-day delivery postcodes. We aim to extend this to all customers in the near future. Please note that during particularly hot periods, such as a forecasted heatwave, we may temporarily use polystyrene packaging to ensure the utmost quality and safety of your food delivery.

Can I still get a polystyrene box if I want?

While we're making the move towards environmentally-friendly cardboard packaging, we understand that some customers might still prefer polystyrene boxes. If this is the case, please do give us a call at 01467 629666 and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Will it keep my food frozen and safe?

Absolutely. Our priority is ensuring that our products arrive in perfect condition. With the correct level of ice applied and storage out of direct sunlight and heat, our packaging keeps your food safely frozen. However, it's crucial to note that any package, regardless of material, will defrost faster if left in direct sunlight or heat. We always recommend ensuring someone is available to receive the delivery promptly to maintain the best quality possible.