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Great news! We’ve finally found an eco-friendly box that keeps your orders just as cold and safe as our polystyrene ones.

What’s this magical box made of? Simple: a cardboard box, lined with pure, natural wool.
It’s sustainable, compostable and fully biodegradable. You can even send the woollen liners back to the makers, for free, so that they can be reused in other boxes.

Wool’s fantastic. It’s a natural by-product of rearing sheep – most of them have to be sheared regularly for their own welfare.
It’s also got amazing insulation properties – as you’ll know if you’ve ever owned a cosy pair of woollen socks!

Our new boxes are made by washing and felting this wool, and putting it inside a thin, food-grade plastic wrap which is fully recyclable.
This liner then slots inside a cardboard box, keeping your orders safe, protected and fully frozen.

Many of you have been asking for this solution for years now, and we’re delighted that we can finally offer it to you!

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