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Hello again! It’s a little while since I last wrote one of these blogs – I’ve been really, really busy, perfecting new recipes for you to enjoy.

Since you last heard from me, I appear to have been given a new nickname. Here at Donald Russell, they’re taken to calling me the ‘Slow Cooked Guru’. Whilst I’m not usually one to blow my own trumpet, I will confess that I’m particularly proud of my latest creations – a range of Slow Cooked Mains.


You’re probably already familiar with our Slow Cooked Roasts – if not, you can remind yourself about them here. They’ve proved incredibly popular with our customers, because they provide perfectly tender, succulent meat without fail, in a fraction of the time it would take at home.

I’ve taken the same principle and applied it to a whole selection of my favourite recipes – the difference being that these are portioned in sizes that are simply perfect for one, or sometimes for two to share. Hey presto! Now you can enjoy guaranteed slow cooked deliciousness, even on the busiest of weeknights!


How do Lamb Fore Shanks in Mint Gravy sound to you? Pork in Fennel and Red Wine? Smoky Paprika Chicken Crown? Take it from me, these and the rest of the range taste like something you’d be delighted to receive at your favourite restaurant.

We’ve taken each old-fashioned cut of chicken, pork or lamb, and gently cooked them ‘sous vide’ for hours on end, together with exactly the right ingredients to make them taste truly spectacular. By including top quality aromatics, herbs and spices, together with a good splash of something tasty like stock, wine or even port, we can guarantee you exceptional, tender results, every time. And the best bit? They cook straight from frozen in under an hour, with no work from you!

Take a browse through our whole selection – I bet it will get your mouth watering. Of course I’m biased – they’re all my own favourite recipes, after all. But hey, you can trust me – I’m the ‘Slow Cooked Guru’!



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Corrie Cheyne

In our house, it’s usually the same couple of people who organise most of the festive food for the extended household. It’s great fun – they love it – but it can sometimes mean that the chefs don’t end up getting much of a break (I don’t know about you, but we get through a LOT of food over a big family Christmas!).

So we’ve started a new tradition. On at least one day over the holidays, no cooking gets done. We’re quite strict about this – anything goes so long as the oven or hob is not turned on – but funnily enough, no-one minds. That’s because on this day, we often end up having the best feast of all!


What we do is put out a great big ‘help-yourself’ buffet. It gets spread out somewhere coolish at lunchtime, and stays there for the rest of the day. Everyone drifts up as they feel like it, ready to pick at another little slice of whatever takes their fancy – and believe me, there’s a fairly constant stream of nibblers. It’s all completely easy-going, and everyone gets the chance to put their feet up and relax. Ahhh!


Take a look at what’s on offer, and you’ll understand why this new tradition is a favourite with our household. Sitting in pride of place is that celebration essential, a juicy ham studded with cloves. Beside it, a platter of salt beef – there’s always a bit of a competition to see who can carve the thinnest slices of this! Beside both of these sit little pots of mustard, chutney and piccalilli, and loaves of crusty bread.


There’s always a bit of salmon, too. Sometimes a whole side of smoked salmon for us to slice as we please, or a side of hot roasted salmon to flake off in delicious chunks. Ready sliced gravadlax keeps things easy – it’s my mum’s favourite so it usually makes an appearance!


There must be at least one old-fashioned cold pie, too. Whether it’s traditional pork, chicken & ham or my own favourite, game, it never lasts very long before being reduced to a few crumbs of gorgeous, hot-water pastry.

If anyone’s feeling particularly energetic (I jest) we’ll sometimes put out a pot of confit duck or smoked mackerel pâté. As both of these only involve mashing up the main ingredient with a little cream, they fit perfectly within the ‘no cook’ rules, and are seriously good dolloped on a cracker or two.


And of course, being an all-day feast, there has to be something sweet on the table too. Our current preference is these extra-creamy cheesecakes, and for those moments when you can barely manage another mouthful, our wonderfully indulgent patisserie selection are the perfect dainty treats.

So there you have it. Our new family tradition of giving the oven a day off is fast becoming our favourite day of the year – hardly surprising when we’ve got all this to choose from!


Yours aye,

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Why our Slow Cooked Roasts are perfect for Christmas

As a chef, I just love Christmas. It’s hardly surprising – a lot of the celebrations tend to revolve around food. For me, there’s nothing finer than presenting my loved ones with a fantastic feast, into which I’ve put lots of thought, preparation and sheer hard work. But no matter how much I enjoy cooking, sometimes I just want a day off! The day after I’ve prepared that very same feast, I’ll probably just want to sit around watching Christmas films with my family (so long as it’s not ‘Frozen’ yet again!)


That’s when our Slow Cooked Roasts are simply perfect. Do you remember Stefan telling you all about them when we first created them? Here’s the link. I can take one of these straight out of the freezer, pop it in the oven and forget about it. No basting, no turning – nothing. Sometimes I even throw some veg in the roasting tin with it while it cooks, for a real ‘one tray wonder’.


And it doesn’t matter if I take my eye off the ball, because I simply can’t go wrong (handy when relatives turn up and everyone starts chatting at once!). I set the timer to tell me when it’s ready, and I’ve got guaranteed soft, succulent, flavoursome meat, with plenty of delicious juices, in a fraction of the time it would usually take. Whether it’s a classic beef roast, a juicy pork one, or tasty lamb, we’ve got them all covered.

So plan in a day off this Christmas, with our Slow Cooked Roasts. You deserve it!

Take it easy,


PS. Maybe you’re visiting relatives or friends yourself? Why not arrange for one of these to be sent while you’re there? It’s a really generous gesture, and it means you’ll get at least one great meal – guaranteed!

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