Hans Baumann

Why grass-fed beef?

I have a passion for grass-fed beef. It has health benefits, for ourselves and for the cattle. It has a superior texture, and as for the flavour, well, the flavour is simply incomparable.

You see, we are lucky enough to live in a country that allows a mixture of grasses, sweet clovers and wild herbs to flourish in our fields. Our succulent grass and mild climate combine to produce perfect conditions for the cattle to thrive, with a low-stress lifestyle that’s ideal for producing prime beef. The cattle that graze in our lush pastures are, quite simply, world champions.

The cattle I choose are raised in the old-fashioned, traditional way. They grow slowly at their own natural pace, grazing outdoors on that juicy grass. Winters here can get fiercely cold, so they have access to roomy barns through the worst of the weather. During this time while normal grazing isn’t possible, their diet is supplemented with hay and silage – both made from 100% grass!


…but not all cattle are grass-fed

Sadly not all cattle are so lucky. Cows are designed to eat grass – they have evolved to do so over millions of years. The problem is that, even in the UK, many are now fed on grain in industrial ‘feed lots’.

Grain-fed cattle fatten and grow much more quickly (frequently, it must be said, with the added aid of synthetic growth hormones, although these are banned in the UK). We all know that time is money. Faster growing cattle, with less land required to keep them, equals cheaper beef.


Counting the cost…

But grain doesn’t agree with the cattle. They have evolved to eat nothing but grass, and have very specialised digestive systems to enable them to do so. A grain diet doesn’t suit their stomachs, so they are usually fed routine antibiotics to stop them getting ill. This contributes to increased antibiotic resistance around the world – bad news for the animals, and bad news for us.

Grain-fed beef also comes at a cost in terms of texture and flavour. If the cattle aren’t roaming in open fields they don’t build muscle tone, which means soft, flabby meat. They grow so fast that the flavour is undeveloped and one-dimensional, and they are butchered at a younger age so the meat has no time to develop a full, rich, beefiness.


Adding-up the value…

On the other hand grass-fed beef eats better, tastes better and is better for us!

All red meat is good for you – it’s full of iron, protein and B vitamins. But grass-fed meat is even healthier. It’s more nutrient-rich and lower in fat than grain-fed meat, but has a higher concentration of healthy omega 3 – one of the ‘good’ fats we are always being told to eat more of. Grass-fed meat also contains higher levels of vitamins A and E, zinc, potassium and phosphorus – all essential for our good health.


British grass-fed beef tops the taste test

Over the last two years, I have cooked and tasted premium beef from all over the world – including Kobi, Wagyu, Argentinian – and run taste tests alongside my own beef. I’m looking for one thing – flavour. I may be biased, but I can say hand on heart that my beef has come out top in every one of these tests.

Our unique grass-fed beef is fuller, richer, deeper in flavour – just somehow beefier – than any other kind across the globe. I wouldn’t choose anything less than the best grass-fed beef for Donald Russell, and neither should you. You deserve the best beef money can buy!

Hans Baumann

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Corrie Cheyne

What makes our cheesecakes special? Well, loads of stuff, actually, but we have a signature recipe that really makes these delicious desserts stand out from the crowd. First, we put a rich, creamy cheesecake base on top of a crumbly bottom layer. So far, so normal. BUT, on top of that, we add another layer of soft, billowy fresh cream cheesecake, for an even more indulgent experience. Only once that is added on do we crown the lot with a tangy topping. Not much wonder people keep coming back for more!


And at this time of year, our customers have even more reason to celebrate – we’ve got some special Cheesecakes just for summer. Believe me, when it was time for us to try these out ourselves (as we do with all our products – oh, the hardship!) you would have thought the Northern Lights had appeared in our development kitchen, such were the oohs and ahhhs coming out of there!


Hardly surprising really. I mean, everyone loves strawberries and cream, don’t they? Turn it into a dessert and we’re all happy! Then Summer Fruits, with the tang of blackcurrants and raspberries – perfect with the rich, creamy base. And my personal favourite, the Mango, Passionfruit and Papaya – wow! Talk about a tropical treat – absolutely bursting with flavour. The only problem with these fabulous creations is that they won’t stick around – they’re strictly seasonal. All the more excuse to grab them while the going’s good, I say!

Yours aye,

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Hans Baumann

What makes our Minced Steak the best?

How can I be so certain that our Minced Steak will create truly memorable meals? Because over 40 years of experience goes into making sure of it! Since 1974, we have focussed on bringing you the very best in flavour. We know that for our Minced Steak to stand out from the crowd, it needs treating differently from the very start.


So first of all, we insist that our cattle are slow grown and grass-fed outdoors. Only this natural lifestyle gives the subtle marbling and healthy muscle tone that produces beef with the ultimate flavour and perfect texture. Other cattle may be grain-fed, which piles the weight on fast, but never gives the superior flavour or texture of grass-feeding.


Our expert buyers work hard to source the very best of this beef, carefully examining each week’s offering to ensure that only the premium carcases are selected. They look at a number of things, including the firmness of the lean muscle (‘soft’ meat doesn’t eat well) and the level of marbling (how fat is laid down within the meat).


Once we’ve selected the best, we mature it traditionally to deepen the flavour even further. Maturation is costly, as conditions need to be kept at exactly the right chilled temperature, with a constant flow of air. The meat loses a lot of weight to evaporation, and the outside sections darken and need to be cut off. However, we never cut costs here, as proper maturation improves the final quality to quite a remarkable degree.


Only once it’s fully matured do our butchers use their impressive knife skills to hand cut each carcase into roasts, steaks and casserole cuts. Their experience allows them to slice each cut to perfection, carefully retaining the flavoursome trimmings.


And what happens to those? Why, we mince them, of course! So you see, it’s not much wonder that once our customers taste the old-fashioned depth of flavour of our Minced Steak, they never want to go back to the supermarket version. Ours has been treated exceptionally from the outset – I insist on nothing less!

Yours sincerely,
Hans Baumann

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