I use Christmas as an opportunity to squeeze in as many enjoyable moments with my family as possible! And why not? Shared meals and laughter are as important to me as they were to my father and grandfather.

But today we don’t all live together in the same village. My grown up son and daughter have families of their own now, and when they can come to visit, it makes our time together even more precious. I plan to spend it all playing with my grandchildren and don’t intend to miss a single moment. So whilst I want us to enjoy the best food together, life is too short to spend hours slaving away over a hot stove.

That’s where I turn to a little Donald Russell magic. We have a range of Slow Cooked Roasts – family sized joints with a difference.

Slow Cooked RoastsOur chefs have already seasoned and cooked them for you, ‘low and slow’, for up to 13 hours, so you simply have to heat them through in the oven from frozen. And that doesn’t take long – as little as 95 minutes to feed up to 12! There’s no need to spend any time in the kitchen beyond popping them in the oven. And they don’t need defrosting for days either – especially handy for the festive season, when your fridge is already crammed with Christmas food.

Festive feasts have never been easier

There’s no need to season, baste or anxiously check whether the roast is done. In fact, they are impossible to get wrong. The meat will always turn out beautifully caramelised, perfectly cooked, and so tender you can ease the bone right out of the meat.

Heat from Frozen

When developing these, Stefan specifically chose the long process of slow cooking to retain all the flavour of these fantastic forgotten cuts. Cuts ranging from the familiar Lamb Shoulder and Pork Belly to the more unusual and theatrical Whole Shin of Beef. We even do a Veal Shin, which stands up on its own, letting you spoon out the exquisite, melting marrow from its large bone.

Which one would be my ‘desert island roast’? I can’t choose – it’s like my 4 year old grandson would say, ‘they’re all my favourite!’

Best of all is their unique combination of texture and flavour – these revolutionary roasts are totally different to any other large centrepiece joints! The meat is as soft as if it’s been casseroled, full of old-fashioned on-the-bone flavour, and sticky from its natural seams of fat or rich bone marrow.

Lamb Shoulder
The older I get, the more I am drawn to this kind of comforting, slow cooked food – now I choose braised, stewed and slow roasted over the rare meat I used to go for in my younger years. Because we cook these joints in all their own delicious juices, they are extremely rich! In my experience you need a smaller portion to be full and satisfied, which is good news if you’re feeding the hungry hordes on a budget.

Full of slow cooked  flavour, these
roasts just keep on giving…

Perfectly Cooked

Top Quality
The leftovers are also wonderful, just like ‘pulled meat’. I help myself to hunks of the tender meaty flakes cold, with a slice of brown bread, mustard and a little raw onion. And when there are only scraps of meat left, they are a godsend for soups or ‘bubble and squeak’ style leftover dishes.

Comfort Food

Have you ever tried Stovies? It’s an old Scottish dish which I love. As I said before, I’m hooked on real comfort food, and this is it – leftover roast meat, stewed with potatoes and onions till it’s thick and warming. Ask for our recipe, or better yet, I challenge you to share yours!

Hans Baumann
Managing Director

P.S. As I’ve decided not to count calories this Christmas, I simply must draw your
attention to our new Mini Patisserie Selection – the best thing since sliced bread
but much, much more posh! Being Swiss, I’m very particular about the quality of
my chocolate, and was sceptical the chocolatey ones would measure up to my
expectations. However, with one bite, I was forced to admit that these are good!
These tiny cakes also happen to be made by a fellow Royal Warrant holder. Well, if
they’re good enough for Her Majesty, they’re good enough for me…


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Stefan Kölsch - Head Chef

Christmas Pudding may not be the first thing you’d associate with a butcher. But so many of my customers asked me for a pudding they’d be proud to serve their families on Christmas Day, that I teamed up with our old friend, legendary chef Anton Mosimann OBE, to create just that.

Anton and Hans, our Managing Director, worked together many years ago, and remain firm friends to this day. Anton has an impeccable pedigree, and has won numerous awards, from Michelin stars to a Deputy Lieutenancy, for his services to the world of fine dining.

He has cooked for five British Prime Ministers, four US Presidents and four generations of our Royal Family. Like ourselves, he holds the Royal Warrant, and he even prepared the wedding feast for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (using our products, no less.) So you can see why I was delighted to break with tradition and team up to develop the wonderful Mosimann’s Christmas Pudding.

Christmas Pudding

We mixed luxurious ingredients like brandy, black treacle and ground almonds with rich prunes, sultanas and citrus peel. We sprinkled in warming spices like cinnamon and stem ginger, and added cheeky splashes of rum and madeira sherry. The result is a spectacular, indulgent pudding, which won every taste test going when we first launched it.

We’d done some thinking along the way. What do people actually want from a Christmas pudding? Let’s face it, no-one’s actually hungry after a full, homemade Christmas dinner! So we made it substantially lighter and healthier than most, while still tasting decadently rich, fruity and spicy.

Christmas Pudding

What else are people looking for? Something they can give as a gift? Easy – we wrapped our one in festive red fabric, so it looks as good as it tastes! Something that won’t take up room in the freezer, when it’s crammed with other goodies? No problem – this will easily last for a couple of weeks in a kitchen cupboard once it’s defrosted. And crucially, something that won’t need nursing on a cooker for hours while you’re trying to serve – and enjoy – your Christmas dinner? Our one’s ready in just six minutes if you microwave it!

On the day itself, sprinkle this stunning pudding with a little more brandy, dim the lights and set it alight with a flickering blue flame, for that perfect Christmas moment. Spoon it out, steaming invitingly; drizzle each portion with some brandy sauce and you’ll have a dessert that will keep people talking until next Christmas – at least!

Bon appétit


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Stefan Kölsch - Head Chef

I love a party. Friends, music, drinks and nibbles – it’s all good by me. But what with being a chef through the day, I don’t always feel like spending hours at the cooker when I want to entertain! I like to keep it easy, so that my focus is on making sure my guests are enjoying themselves. Luckily, as Head Chef for Donald Russell, I’ve helped to create some of the perfect canapés and party food with exactly that in mind.

Party Spread

It’s all designed to be simply baked in the oven, usually straight from frozen, or occasionally pan fried for extra crispiness. And of course, I insist on using only the very finest ingredients, which can’t do anything other than deliver great flavour. So here are my tips for making sure you enjoy yourself as much as your guests:

• Keep everything easy to handle – people will probably have a drink in one hand and want to eat with the other, so while your speciality casserole might be absolutely delicious, it’s probably not going to be the easiest to juggle. And spare ribs won’t be so popular when the sticky sauce is all over your guests’ party clothes!

My suggestions: Chicken Lollipops, Canapé Quiches, Spicy Chicken Wings

My suggestion 1

• Include some food that’s best served cold. This can be arranged in advance and simply left on platters throughout the evening. Keep some back in the fridge so you can replenish the platters with nice fresh snacks as they get eaten. Cut slices of buttered rye bread into quarters and pile high with smoked salmon and soured cream, or salt beef, mustard and dill pickles.

My suggestions: Traditional Game Pie, Chicken & Ham Pie or Mini Pork Pies, Ultimate Gravadlax

• Stagger your dishes. If some food is better served hot, don’t put it all out at the beginning of the night. Prepare a batch of baked goods together, to present at the start of the evening while you’re busy welcoming guests, taking coats and making introductions.

My suggestions: Mini Ham Croissants, Canapé Quiches, Mini Artisan Sausage Rolls


• Later, when everyone has settled in, nip through to the kitchen to fry up some crunchy treats, and hand them round while they’re still hot to get the best oohs and aahs! I like to spear things with cocktail sticks and hand them round together with a bowl of dip, so people can dunk as they go.

My suggestions: Mini Fish Cakes, Crispy Burger Bites, Mini Steak Burgers

My suggestion 4

• Include something sweet. I find sweet treats go down particularly well with designated drivers, who are often drinking sweet juices or cups of coffee – or maybe, like me, your guests will simply have a sweet tooth.

My suggestions: Miniature Patisserie Selection

So there you are – all the ingredients to turn your bash into a banquet, while making sure you get to enjoy yourself too!

Now, where’s that fizz?

Party spread 2

Bon appétit,


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