Why frozen?

Every cut is professionally frozen at the peak of maturation – that’s when our expert Butchers judge it to have the best rich flavour and tenderness.

The result? When you defrost it, the quality is as perfect as the moment it left the butcher’s knife.

The advantages...

Frozen is convenient. Pop it straight in your own freezer, and it’s on hand whenever you need it – no last-minute trips to the shops.

Frozen means the best quality. Our butchers judge when each piece of meat is at the peak of maturation and freeze it there and then – so you always get perfectly matured meat. It makes a difference!

Frozen means fewer additives. Freezing is ‘nature’s own preservative’, so there’s no need to add artificial ones

Frozen means less waste. Defrost as much as you need at any one time – no more. You can take advantage of our fantastic offers on selection packs, and not waste a thing.

Frozen means freshness. For our meat, it’s perfectly matured, but for our fish, veg and other goodies, it means they’re spanking fresh – no hanging around in storage or on supermarket shelves.

Frozen means healthy. Vitamins and other nutrients are naturally preserved, so you know what you’re eating is good for you.

Frequently asked questions...