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Ribeye steaksRibeye steaks

Our grass-fed British steaks are traditionally matured for up to 35 days and full of rich, deep flavour.


Chefs' Prepared meals

Sirloin steaksSirloin steaks

Made with premium, natural ingredients, our Chef’s prepared meals are packed full of flavour.



Pavé Rump steaksPavé Rump steaks

Our range of grass-fed British lamb is tender and packed full of deliciously distinctive flavour.


Explore our extensive range of premium quality food including poultry, fish, pork and more.

Great Taste Award WinnersGreat Taste Award Winners

We are proud to have won 34 Great Taste Awards over the last 4 years, from the most recognised food awards in the world.


Great Taste Award WinnersGreat Taste Award Winners

Frequently asked questions


Your order will be delivered on the date you choose, between 7.00am and 10.00pm. (the delivery window may be extended during peak times or by force majeure).

We can't give you an exact time for delivery, but we can ask the driver to leave it somewhere safe if you're out. Please provide instructions for the driver, such as a neighbour's address, or a safe place to leave your box such as a patio or garage.

You can also arrange delivery to your workplace, or to a neighbour or friend if it's more convenient, at no extra charge.

Your food will arrive conveniently frozen. Pop it straight in your own freezer, and it’s on hand whenever you need it – no last-minute trips to the shops.

Frozen means the best quality. Our butchers judge when each piece of meat is at the peak of maturation and freeze it there and then – so you always get perfectly matured meat. It makes a difference!

Frozen means fewer additives. Freezing is ‘nature’s own preservative’, so there’s no need to add artificial ones

Frozen means less waste. Defrost as much as you need at any one time – no more. You can take advantage of our fantastic offers on selection packs, and not waste a thing.

Frozen means freshness. For our meat, it’s perfectly matured, but for our fish, veg and other goodies, it means they’re spanking fresh – no hanging around in storage or on supermarket shelves.

Frozen means healthy. Vitamins and other nutrients are naturally preserved, so you know what you’re eating is good for you.


Our beef, lamb and pork are all reared to traditional farming methods, rather than intensive grain-fed rearing programmes. We use only grass-fed beef and lamb; happily for us, this provides the best flavour, as well as being the most welfare-friendly method of rearing livestock. Feeding livestock on grass, hay and silage rather than grain also considerably reduces their overall carbon footprint.

We are proud to support British farmers by insisting that all of our beef and lamb is 100% British. We are continuing this support with the introduction of new ranges of British pork. Because welfare is important to us, we will work only with British Quality Approved Pork (BQAP) which meets nationally recognised animal welfare accreditation. We are working hard to move our supply of pork to be entirely British; until we are able to complete this move in the near future, some pork products will remain of high-welfare Danish origin.


All of our game is genuinely wild, and is traditionally sourced in the UK. Our wild red and roe deer are culled on estates across the highlands and glens of Scotland.


In the past, we have traditionally supplied poultry from the Loué region of France, where the farmers produce slow grown, free-range poultry of superb quality. This allowed us to supply our customers with the guaranteed quantities of fixed weight poultry we require, at the high quality and welfare standards upon which we insist.
These birds are raised to the highest possible environmental standards, being homed in grassy meadows with trees for shelter and roosting, and warm barns which they can access for protection from foxes at night. We will still continue to provide a range of Loué poultry.

However, to further support British farmers, we are also introducing a range of British chicken and Christmas turkeys, which will again meet nationally recognised animal welfare accreditation. We are now delighted to be able to present you with a choice of where your poultry comes from. Our British turkeys will be sourced from the famous turkey region of Norfolk, while our chicken will come from a family company in Yorkshire, who have supplied chicken from their own farms for over 70 years. We’re proud to support this fine tradition of poultry rearing by continuing to build on our support for British farmers and produce.


We work closely with our fishmonger to ensure that our fish is responsibly sourced from well managed stocks. These stocks are protected and monitored through policies, procedures and initiative schemes set up through Marine Scotland and the Scottish fishing industry.

In line with the Scottish Government’s policies on sustainable fishing, we support through the sourcing of our fish the aims and objectives of a number of independent accreditation schemes. These include those of the Marine Stewardship Council and the Responsibly Sourced Fishing Scheme, managed by Scotland via Europe under the advice of ICES, which is the world authority on fish stocks.

Most of our wild fish is landed at Peterhead, our local fishing port on the Aberdeenshire coast. This includes the majority of our white fish and oily fish, which is fished from the northeast Atlantic. Our whiting, however, is sourced off the south west coast of England, as this area has been proven to hold the healthiest and most sustainable stock levels of this particular species.

Our seafood is wild, caught from the north Atlantic and North Sea, with our langoustines for example being fished from around the entire coast of Scotland, before being landed and frozen at local ports.

Our Scottish salmon is sourced from specialist fish farms off the northwest coast of Scotland, where the strong sea currents ensure firm, healthy fish.

Updated June 2020 and information subject to change without notice.

All our livestock is raised by experts in their field, on farms where welfare is paramount.

We use our skill and knowledge to select meat specifically for its excellent marbling, tenderness and superb flavour.

All our beef and lamb is reared outdoors within the British Isles. They enjoy a natural grass-fed diet, grazing in open fields for most of the year supplemented with hay and silage in the winter.

All our game is genuinely wild and our deer roam freely in the Highlands of Scotland.

We traditionally mature our meat: our lamb for up to 10 days, our venison for up to 21 days, and our beef from 21 up to 35 days. depending on the cut.

All our meat products are code-marked for transparency, and can tell us exactly which farms they came from.

We will professionally shock freeze your order at no additional charge, preserving the food at its optimal level of quality and locking in more of its nutrients.

Every product is covered by our full, no quibble, money back guarantee.

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"The steaks are absolutely delicious, the best I have ever had..."

Lucy, Manchester

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"As always reliable service and exceptional quality of meat!"

Scott, Glasgow

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"They are the most delicious and succulent steaks I have ever tasted."

Vicky, Durham

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"Delivery was next day, in perfect condition and the food was excellent."

Brenda, Essex


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