Ultimate Free- Range Turkey Crown Feast For 8

Christmas dinner, all wrapped up

  • Take the stress out of Christmas dinner
  • Premium ingredients for the finest flavour
  • Can be cooked straight from frozen
  • Code: D2736
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
Box Contains:
  • Loué Free-rangeTurkey Crown,1.65kg
  • Mosimann's ChristmasPudding, 730g e
  • 3 packs Brussels Sprouts with Shallots & Bacon, 200g )
  • 3 Packs Braised Red Cabbage, 230g each
  • 4 Packs of Goose Fat Roast Potatoes, 200g each
  • 16 Pork Chipolatas wrapped in Bacon, in packs of 8, 315g per pack
  • Smoked Streaky Bacon Dry-cured, 200g

Tender, white turkey breast on the bone, complete with all your festive veg, Pigs in Blankets and some dry-cured bacon for the top of the turkey. We’ve even included the pudding!