Traditional Cuts Braising Selection

Praise the braise!

  • Grass-fed, fully matured, hand cut UK beef
  • Juicy, hand cut free-range pork on the bone
  • Delicious comfort food at its best
  • Code: D2695
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings: 10-11
Box Contains:
    • 4 Chuck Braising Steaks, in packs of 2, 440g per pack
    • 2 packs Featherblade Braising Steaks, 3-5 slices per pack, 440g per pack
    • 1 Pork Belly, bone-in, 1.2kg


Braise these Chuck and Featherblade Steaks to a glorious softness, in their own beautifully rich gravy. And try pot roasting the Pork Belly, keeping the bottom half in liquid and letting the top crisp up - my word, that's tasty!