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3 steps to a perfect BBQ

Barbecuing requires close attention from the cook as the food can burn quickly. The rewards are beautifully caramelised, juicy meat, delicious for al fresco dining.

1. Prepare & preheat


Make sure your BBQ is clean before you preheat it. Electric gas BBQs may take 10 to 20 minutes to preheat and charcoal needs to burn until the coals are covered with a layer of ash (approx. 45 minutes). Charcoal cooks the meat more evenly than briquettes. Allow the meat to come to room temperature and remove from packaging 20 minutes before cooking. Season or marinate if you like, but don't salt the meat until the last monemt, as it will draw out its juices.

2. Sizzle


Brush the meat with oil and lay gently on the BBQ.  Cook slowly until browned and turn just once. Use tongs rather than a fork, so you don't pierce the meat. Cook the meat on its first side for 60% of its total cooking time, and the 2nd side for the remaining 40% of the total time. Use the press test to check if your meat is done, or use a meat thermometer for larger cuts.

3. Rest


Don't be tempted to serve your burgers, steaks and other cuts straight off the BBQ - this will lead them to seem tough and will let their juice run out. Rest the meat on a rack, loosely covered with foil in a warm place for up to 20 minutes.

Chef's Tip

Pay attention throughout cooking - if anything looks like it may burn, move it further away from the heat so it will cook more slowly.
Raising the rack to around 30cm above the coals ahould be just right.

Cover the BBQ with a lid as much as possible during the cooking process, especially for larger cuts.
This helps them cook more evenly, lock in the BBQ flavour and prevents flare-ups.

BBQ burger
BBQ cooking steak
BBQ meat

Beef, lamb, pork & veal cooking times

4 - 6 minutes in total

6 - 8 minutes in total

10 - 20 minutes in total

30 - 60 minutes in total

Please note: These times are suggested as a guide only and may vary depending on equipment used and circumstances.