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The 'Big Four' Steaks

Fillet Steak

Fillet  Steaks

Fillet is the most tender and delicately flavoured of all the steaks. The muscle is rarely used so it doesn’t build up the same marbling as other cuts. Our Centre Cut Fillet Steaks come from the best part of the fillet for shape, appearance and overall taste. We mature it for a minimum of 21 days, to bring out its subtle flavour.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steaks

Sirloin is one of the most flavoursome steaks, but it is almost as tender as fillet, which is why it is so popular. Lightly marbled, with a thin strip of fat on one edge, our Sirloin Steaks are cut from the middle (the best part) and are 'special trimmed' so you get more prime meat for your  money. Our Sirloin is matured for 28 days.

Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steaks

If you like a big burst of rich, beefy flavour – ribeye is the steak for you. It’s heavy marbling and ‘eye’ of fat in the middle make sure that flavour goes straight to your taste buds. It also keeps it deliciously juicy and succulent. Our Ribeye Steaks are matured on the bone for up to 35 days.

Pave Steak

Rump Steaks

A lean cut that doesn’t skimp on flavour. Our butchers create our Pavé Rump Steaks from a single muscle so there’s no sinew or fat around it, just a thick cut steak with a big flavour. Its robust, firm texture and strong flavour is improved even more by a longer maturation period of 35 days.


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Fillet Steak

Speciality Steaks

These are the steaks that butchers used to keep for themselves. Top restaurants have caught on to this - we’ve been providing them with these unusual cuts for years. They are full of flavour and have a natural 'bite' to them, so should be briskly seared to rare and then rested and sliced across the grain for the most tender results.


My name is Mark Farquhar and I am the Master Butcher here at Donald Russell. I would like to briefly explain the factors that contribute to the outstanding quality of our Royal Warrant holding products:



We’re notoriously picky about the selection of our meat – we take nothing but the very best. Our cattle are all from British farms, where the highest standards of animal welfare husbandry are upheld. The cattle must be naturally grass-fed on outdoor grazing, with a hormone-free diet and absolutely no routine antibiotics.


We have strict criteria regarding age and weight. Our well-trained experts only select the best animals for you.

Traditional Maturation

All our beef is matured for up to 35 days in a strictly controlled environment. The results are meat with that extra depth of flavour and tenderness that you'll love.

Colour and Marbling

The deep red colour is characteristic of our well-aged beef. Top quality beef is also heavily marbled, with small flecks and streaks of fat throughout the meat, creating a fabulous flavour as the the fat melts during cooking and makes the meat juicy and extra tasty.


We hand cut many of our steaks from the finer parts of each primal cut; fillet from the center of the whole fillet (which has the best flavour, shape and textrure and Sirloin Steaks from the striploin (specifically trimmed for you, with no excess fat to remove.)


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