Donald Russell Gourmet Gift Selection

Have a sizzling summer, come rain or shine!
  • Fully matured, grass-fed UK beef
  • Tender, juicy free-range pork loin
  • Burgers made from prime steak offcuts, and absolutely nothing else!
  • Code: D1865
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Box Contains:
    • 2 Centre Cut Sirloin Steaks, 210g each
    • 2 Pavé Rump Steaks, 170g each
    • 2 Pork Loin Steaks, 190g each
    • 6 Mini Steak Burgers, in packs of 6, 270g per pack
    • 8 Pork Sausages, in packs of 4, 280g per pack
    • 2 Classic Steak Burgers small, in pack of 2, 240g per pack
    • 1 jar, The Perfect Seasoning, 110g

This fantastic value selection is perfect for both the grill and the griddle pan. Juicy, grass-fed beef steaks, free-range pork steaks and a choice of sausages and burgers will keep everyone happy this summer. A jar of our signature spice mix will add even more oomph to these fantastic flavours!