Summer Skewer Selection

Not just for Summer!

  • A fantastic array of meaty flavours and textures
  • Hand cut and assembled by our nimble-fingered butchers
  • Quick to cook, guaranteeing safe, succulent, juicy grilled meat!
  • Code: D2927
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  • Servings:
Box Contains:
  • 3 Mixed Grill Skewers, in pack of 3, 330g
  • 3 Lamb Tapas Skewers, in pack of 3, 360g
  • 4 Rump Steak & Pork Loin Concertina Skewers, in pack of 4, 320g
  • 4 Spiced Lamb Koftas, in pack of 4, 280g

Our delicately 'kilt-pleated' Concertina Skewers, combined with our innovative Mixed Grill Skewers, Spiced Lamb Koftas and utterly delicious Lamb Tapas Skewers. Grill indoors or out.