Slow Cooked Favourites

Chicken, pork AND lamb - the best of all worlds!
  • Juicy, succulent, tender meat
  • Our chefs' hand-made sauces
  • You'll be ready for anything with these tucked away!
  • Code: D2346
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings: 4-8
Box Contains:
    • 1 Slow Cooked Chicken Drums & Thighs, 430g
    • 1 Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder in Mint & Rosemary, 360g
    • 1 Slow Cooked Half Chicken with Lemon & Herbs, 575g
    • 1 Slow Cooked Pork Shanks in Madeira Sauce, 500g

Delicious cuts of chicken, pork and lamb, in our chef's rich sauces and marinades for flavour. A delicious combination of restaurant quality meals, all ready to pop in the oven from frozen.