Sirloin Steaks, Sirloin Burgers & Fries

For real sirloin-lovers!
  • The finest cut of sirloin
  • Burgers made with pure sirloin steak
  • Complete with your favourite fries!
  • Code: D2803
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings:
Box Contains:
    • 2 Centre Cut Sirloin Steaks
      (210g each)
  • 2 Sirloin Steak Burgers
    (200g each)
  • 2 Alpine Fries
    (200g per pack)
    Premium, Centre Cut Sirloin Steaks, complete with deliciously juicy Sirloin Burgers and crispy, crunchy Alpine Fries - who wouldn't want this selection?!