Scottish Venison & Wild Mushroom Menu Box

The rich flavours of the countryside

  • Genuinely wild Scottish venison
  • Fully trimmed, hand picked wild ceps
  • Zingy, creamy blackcurrant cheesecake
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Box Contains:
    • 2 packs Diced Red Deer Venison, (400g per pack)
    • 1 pack Chanterelles, (100g)
    • 2 packs Buttery Mashed Potato, (230g per pack )
    • 2 packs Braised Red Cabbage, (200g)
    • 2 Blackcurrant Cheesecakes, (180g each )


Imagine, a deep, earthy venison casserole, gently simmered with complementary wild chanterelles, and served up with buttery mash and a sharp and sweet, ruby red braised cabbage. Oh, and pudding, too!