Ribeye Steaks plus Gifts

Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks and more ...
  • Beautifully marbled, hand cut Ribeye Steaks
  • Our own Mini Steak Burgers and Perfect Seasoning - FREE!
  • Fully matured, grass-fed UK beef for the ultimate flavour
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Box Contains:
    • 4 Ribeye Steaks, 170g each
    • 6 Mini Steak Burgers, 270g pack
    • 1 jar The Perfect Seasoning, 100g e

Ribeye Steaks are the 'Butcher's Favourite' because of their really rich, deep flavour and juicy succulence. We've thrown in some of our 100% Steak Mini Burgers as well, together with a jar of our simply Perfect Seasoning.