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We strive to bring you the best quality meat we can through natural rearing, traditional maturing and expert butchery. Now it's your turn! Browse our recipes and guides to find new recipe ideas, experiment with different cooking methods or to learn more about butchery.

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Our Chefs - Eddie & Matthias

Our Chefs

Originally from Bavaria in Germany, Matthias has worked as a Chef in some of Europe’s finest hotels and restaurants, including Michelin starred ones, enjoying spells in Portugal, Spain, England and Germany.

Aberdeen-born Eddie McDonald spent five years training locally as a Chef before working his way up through some of Scotland’s finest hotels and restaurants, under the watchful eye of Michelin trained chefs and other experts.

Eddie and Matthias have built our Convenience range over the years using our own traditionally matured meat and local seafood.


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From our blog

From our Blog

Want to learn more about butchery or interested in trying some new cooking techniques and recipes? Head over to our blog.