Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Broad Beans & Cauliflower Cheese

Slow cooked pork belly portions with broad beans in béchamel and cauliflower cheese
  • Old-fashioned cut, marinated for delicious flavour
  • Cook from frozen - no preparation required
  • A real autumnal treat
  • Code: D2366
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Box Contains:
    • 2 Pork Belly Portions, 220g each
    • 1 pack Broad Beans Petits Pois,& Bacon in Béchamel, 210g e
    • 1 pack Cauliflower Cheese, 230g e

Rich, soft free-range pork belly, slow cooked in a simple thyme marinade. Add some of our tender cauliflower cheese and broad beans, petits pois and bacon in a light béchamel sauce, and you've got a restaurant quality meal from the comfort of your own kitchen!