BBQ bundle: 21 servings for £20 - Buy now

Fire up your BBQ for summer - Shop today

Fire up your BBQ for summer - Shop today

BBQ bundle: 21 servings for £20 - Buy now

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Will my order arrive frozen?

All orders will be dispatched frozen unless otherwise stated. Please note frozen and chilled orders cannot be delivered in the same box.

Can frozen meat be high quality?

Yes - especially at Donald Russell. Once your meat has reached the perfect point of maturation, we cut, vacuum pack and professionally shock-freeze it to lock in the flavour, freshness and quality. The extremely low temperature preserves the meat naturally, at its best, so that when you defrost and cook your product, the quality is as high if not higher than the majority of fresh meat.

Can I get my items chilled?

We can deliver some items chilled. Please speak to an advisor for more information on 01467 629 666.

How will my order stay frozen? Will it defrost?

Your order will arrive packed for perfection with dry ice, in a reusable insulated coolbox, so your goods will be protected and kept at the perfect temperature, ready to be popped in your home freezer. The dry ice we use has been independently tested to keep your order frozen (chilled if requested) for up to 48 hours from the time of dispatch.

All of your items will be vacuum packed unless otherwise stated. This high grade packaging prevents against freezer burn and will keep your items in perfect condition until you are ready to enjoy them. If your order arrives defrosted, or if you have any queries regarding packaging, please contact our customer service team on or call 01467 629 666.

How long can I keep my items frozen?

When your items arrive, check them against your invoice and then freeze immediately. As a rough guide, beef, pork and lamb products can keep in the freezer for up to 2 years from the date of cut; sausages around 1 year and bacon approximately 6 months. We would always recommend you go by the expiry date as displayed on each individual items packaging and to reorganise your freezer regularly, moving shorter shelf life goods to the top/front.

Cardboard packaging - Can I recycle it?

Where appropriate some of our products will be packed in cardboard boxes made from recycled packaging. This protects your goods during transit and can be recycled with your household cardboard.

What can I do with my poly box?

Our poly boxes can be reused in a variety of ways, cool boxes for impromptu barbecues, plant boxes, and garden kneelers.