Only the Best Lamb Selection

Tender, pink, luxurious lamb!

  • Extra trimmed to another level of presentation by our butchers
  • Each rack and loin has been hand cut to match the exacting specifications of elite chefs in the restaurant trade
  • Perfect for when only the best will do!
  • Code: D2386
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings: 4
Box Contains:
  • 2 Racks of Lamb, (240g each)
  • Lamb Loin with Fat, (200g each)

The very finest, hand selected cuts of tender UK grass-fed lamb. Tender lamb loin, with a little jacket of fat to keep it moist as it roasts, and racks to slice into succulent cutlets. This premium selection includes an exclusive style of rack, normally only cut on request for chefs.