Our guarantee to you

We will never compromise on quality

  • All our livestock is raised by experts in their field, on farms where welfare is paramount.
  • We use our skill and knowledge to select meat specifically for its excellent marbling, tenderness and superb flavour.
  • All our beef and lamb is reared outdoors within the British Isles. They enjoy a natural grass-fed diet, grazing in open fields for most of the year supplemented with hay and silage in the winter.
  • All our game is genuinely wild and our deer roam freely in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • We traditionally mature our meat: our lamb for up to 10 days, our venison for up to 21 days, and our beef from 21 up to 35 days. depending on the cut.
  • Our master butchers use their expert knowledge to judge exactly when the meat is at its optimum balance of flavour and tenderness, and only then is it cut.
  • All our meat products are code-marked for transparency, and can tell us exactly which farms they came from.
  • All our products are expertly trimmed by hand by our skilled butchers, to the highest standards, so you get more quality meat for your money.
  • We will professionally freeze your order at no additional charge, preserving the food at its optimal level of quality and locking in more of its nutrients.