Fillet Steak Gourmet Menu Box

The perfect fillet steak dinner

  • Grass-fed, hand cut fillet steak
  • Fully trimmed, hand picked wild morels
  • The ultimate in luxury for a truly special dinner
  • Code: D2843
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings: 2
Box Contains:
    • 2 Fillet Steaks (170g each)
    • 1 pack Morels (100g)
    • 1 pack Alpine Fries (200g)
    • 2 White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecakes
      (180g each)


Premium, tender fillet steak with the 'king of mushrooms' - morels! Together with beautifully crunchy Alpine Fries and a divinely creamy cheesecake dessert, you'll be dining like royalty!