Donald Russell Everyday Selection

All you need for fantastic flavour

  • Premium meat for rich, deep flavour
  • Cook it your own way and serve up with ease
  • Temptingly tasty whatever the weather!
  • Code: D2195
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Box Contains:
    • 1 Pork Shoulder, Easy Carve, 1.1kg
    • 1 Beef Shoulder Pot Roast, 1.4kg
    • 1 Pack of Casserole Lamb, 440g
    • 1 Pack of boneless, Shin of Beef, 440g
    • 2 Packs of Minced Steak, 440g each
    • 2 Packs of Buttery Mashed Potato, 230g each
    • 2 Packs of Carrots & Petits Pois in Béchamel, 210g each


We've put everything you need to create wholesome, tasty meals in one easy box. From juicy roasts to cuts just begging to be casseroled, completed by our ready prepared mashed potato and veg in creamy béchamel - it's all here!