Donald Russell Braising Selection

So much comforting flavour in one box…

  • Tender, succulent, fully matured beef
  • Traditionally reared, hand cut lamb
  • Perfect for pies, casseroles and curries!
  • Code: D2759
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  • Servings:
Box Contains:
    • 2 Packs of Minced Steak, 440g each
    • 1 pack of Diced Beef Steak, 440g
    • 1 Pack of Beef Steak & Lamb Kidney, 440g
    • 1 Braising Steak,440g
    • 1 Beef Shoulder Mini Pot Roast, 500g
    • 2 Lamb Fore Shanks, 550g pack
    • 2 Lamb Shoulder Fillets, 360g

With everything from prime Diced Steak to lesser known but equally delicious Lamb Shoulder Fillets, you'll be braising up a storm!