Chuck Eye Steaks with Fries & Peperonata

A ribeye steak's slightly humble, more affordable cousin!
  • A fantastic value alternative to ribeye steak
  • Hand cut from 28 day matured UK grass-fed beef
  • Heavily marbled and laced with fat for a rich, mellow flavour
  • Perfect if you like your steak done to a juicy rare or medium rare
  • Undeniably tasty potato side dishes from the Continent
  • A classic vegetable peperonata, brimming with the sunny flavours of Mediterranean veg
  • Code: D2462
  • Price per kg:
  • Item weight:
  • Servings: 2
Box Contains:
    • 2 Chuck Eye Steaks, 220g each
    • 2 packs Alpine Fries, 200g each
    • 2 peperonata, 200g each

Chef's Top Tip
These speciality steaks are best enjoyed rare or medium-rare. For more information on how these steaks are cut and how to cook them, click here.

Well marbled steaks you'll soon become a fan of! The ribeye cut naturally extends up into the shoulder (or 'chuck') of the carcase - where the two meet, you get Chuck Eye Steaks! With the fat and flavour of ribeye, and a slightly firmer, humbler finish from the chuck, these steaks are an incredibly satisfying combination…

To find out about the story behind these steaks, click here.