Carving Set

Carve your roast in style

We can’t sell knives, or have them delivered, to anyone under the age of 18.

  • Carving fork and knife in wooden presentation box
  • Made from the finest German steel
  • 25cm blade and a full tang
  • Code: T426
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  • Servings:
Box Contains:
  • 2 piece Carving Set in wooden presentation box

You've got the best meat, all your veg and sides are ready, now carve your Donald Russell roast in style! Delivered in a beautiful wooden presentation box, they would also make a great gift.


Care & Instructions

Before first use and after each use carefully wash by hand in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Fine knives should never be washed in a dishwasher; the intense heat and radical temperature changes will dull the knife blade and cause the blade to rust.

However, it requires only a little care to keep them from getting rusty.
Just wash and dry them immediately after use!

Only after a long period of non-use does the blade need to receive a smear of ordinary cooking oil.

Never chop on a hard surface, as this can damage and blunt blades. Use wooden chopping boards, as these have a certain amount of 'give' that will ensure the blades doesn't get damaged.

To ensure top performance, as no knife will remain sharp forever, occasionally sharpen using a sharpening-steel which will maintain the edge of your knives if used regularly or alternatively sharpen using a natural stone of your choice..