8 award-winning Ribeye Steaks now £64 - Shop today

8 award-winning Ribeye Steaks now £64 - Shop today

8 award-winning Ribeye Steaks now £64 - Shop today

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Donald Russell statement on BSE


There has been an isolated incidence of BSE being confirmed at a Scottish farm. However, we can absolutely reassure our customers that Donald Russell beef remains perfectly safe. It is important to note that the affected animal has not entered the food chain, and that the Scottish Government has confirmed that there is no threat to human health.


As a purveyor of the highest quality meat for 45 years, and holders of a Royal Warrant, Donald Russell takes food safety extremely seriously. As a company, we have extremely stringent controls over everything we sell, and are certified to the highest levels of quality assurance within the industry, by bodies including BRC, Food Standards Scotland, Quality Meat Scotland etc.


As an extra level of quality control, all of Donald Russell’s beef is sourced from animals slaughtered under the age of 36 months. By sourcing exclusively from younger animals, we can offer an extra level of reassurance to our customers. In addition, every single animal slaughtered in the UK is inspected by vets and meat inspectors for any signs of disease.


Our extremely strict selection and sourcing procedures mean that we can be certain that only the best, healthiest animals are ever sold by Donald Russell. Absolutely everything we sell is fully traceable. Our insistence on the highest quality at all stages of meat production mean you will always be able to buy from Donald Russell with the utmost confidence.


Should you have any further queries, please contact hello@donaldrussell.co.uk, or ask for Customer Services on 01467 629666.