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The Great Global BBQ-Off

With summer in full swing, is there a better reason to break out the grill and throw some meat on the flames? And while we all have our favourite barbeque meats and go-to sides at home, how are they doing it in the rest of the world?
To celebrate the best time of the year for outdoor cooking, we’re taking a trip across the globe to find out the unique local barbecue styles. From South Korea and Japan to Brazil, Australia and the USA this is the great global BBQ-off.

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How To Cook the Perfect Surf 'n' Turf

Surf and turf - or reef and beef, for our Australian friends – is a classic combination of beef (turf) and seafood (surf). Both have their own unique flavours but paired together they are a great flavour combination that you must taste to appreciate.

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How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Sirloin Steak on a plate

At Donald Russell, we have a wide variety of steaks, from tender fillet and juicy ribeye to lesser-known cuts like onglet or bavette. Whichever type you chose, proper cooking is the key. The difference between rare and well done is only a matter of minutes and cooking it wrong can ruin even the finest steak. We’ve asked our resident world-class Chef Eddie McDonald to talk us through how to get the perfect steak every time.

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Our Top Five Tips for a Romantic Valentine's Meal for Two

When it comes to romantic dinners, there’s no room for error. Nothing will suck the romance out of an evening like sub-standard food. With our wide selection of mains, sides, and desserts, you’ll be able to find a great-tasting meal to show your loved one how much you care.

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Donald Russell’s Healthy Meals for Weight Loss

With over 40 years of supplying fine food to premium restaurants, hotels and the Royal Households, we have lots of experience in making sure that the healthy food you’re looking for is just as delicious as the food you’re trying to avoid. 

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2021 Christmas food to order

Our Chef has been working hard all year to source the finest, most delicious options for your Christmas dinner, delivered to your door. We have the traditional turkey or goose, grass-fed British beef roasts and luxurious handmade Beef Wellington. We have premium Scottish seafood starters such as smoked salmon, delicately flavoured with local whisky, tender Luxury Crevette Prawns or Wild King Scallops. For dessert we have a NEW Luxury Figgy Christmas Pudding, rich Millionaire’s Chocolate Log or smooth Salted Caramel Cheesecake.  

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Plan your Christmas Dinner Delivery

Helping people come together with friends and family to share great-tasting food is our passion at Donald Russell. After last year’s scaled-back celebrations, we all want to make sure that this year is the celebrations you deserve.

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Christmas Gift Guide

Luxury Christmas Pudding sprinkled with gold glitter

Food is about more than not being hungry – it's one of the ways we show people how much we care about them. Sitting down to enjoy great-tasting food with loved ones is one of our favourite experiences in life and we want to help share this joy. This Christmas, show someone how you feel about them by giving them the gift of good food. 

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