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Introducing The Crown Selection - See range here

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Stuff the Turkey

Hey, rebel rebel. If you’re making a stance against the traditional turkey and leaning towards new flavours this Christmas, we’ve got something to suit all tastes.  


You could have beef all year round, but not like this. Let us introduce you to two absolutely stunning beef centrepieces:  

Aberdeen Angus Himalayan Salt Aged 5-Bone Rib Roast 

With only 200 available, you’ll need to be quick. This is a serious showstopper with added WOW factor to be remembered for years to come. Hand-prepared in our Aberdeenshire butchery and specially dry-aged with Himalayan salt for at least 35 days, this British beef rib roast has a lasting deep, rich flavour and juicy texture.  

Beef Wellington

Classic, meaty luxury wrapped in pastry. It’s no wonder why we associate Beef Wellington with special occasions. Handmade and hand-rolled, this grass-fed British beef fillet steak has it all: tender meat, earthy mushroom duxelles and crispy, light puff pastry. Serving up to 4 people in one, or as individual Beef Wellingtons, you’ll cook these to perfection with ease.  
Chef’s suggestion: For something even more indulgent, why not try Venison Wellington? The same opulent experience with the rich flavour of wild venison from the Scottish Highlands. 


Pork Loin Roast with Cranberry & Apricot Stuffing 

New for 2022, the British pork roast has had a festive makeover. Hand-prepared in Aberdeenshire by our expert butchers, this Pork Loin is rolled with Cranberry & Apricot Stuffing. It doesn’t only taste delicious, but looks striking as you slice through the spiralled stuffing.  

Pork Belly

Pork Belly, get in our belly. Succulent, meaty and delicately salty topped with hand-cut and scored crackling for crunch – we don’t know why this cut is so often overlooked! It has all we look for in a main. On the bone, off the bone or marinaded in a flavourful mix of herbs and spices – take your pick.  
Chef suggestion: if you’re stuck between choosing which meat, why not buy one of our boneless Pork Belly strips, cook and then slice into strips as a moreish canapé!  


Slow-cooked Large Lamb Shoulder 

Commonly associated with Easter, our grass-fed British lamb is delicious all year round and Christmas is no exception.  
Lamb shoulder is an exceptional cooking joint. This stunning centrepiece has been slow-cooked for 10 hours in a garlic, lemon and rosemary marinade to give a sumptuously rich flavour that melts-in-the-mouth, bite after bite.  



Classic, elegant, light and flavoursome: salmon ticks all these boxes. Did you know, our smoked salmon comes from The Ugie Salmon Fish House in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, built in 1585? – yep, they were smoking salmon during the era of King Henry VIII! With over 400 years of experience passed through the generations, you’ll taste the difference in every bite.  
Try Hot Smoked & Roasted, with a Sweet Maple Glaze or Honey Roast.  

Chef’s suggestion: Regardless of your main course meat, there’s always a place for seafood on the festive menu! Scottish scallops, lobster tails and mussels – not to mention to classic prawn cocktail made with our Wild Atlantic Prawns – don’t miss our Christmas Seafood selection. 

Poultry (…but not turkey!) 

Let us take you by the hand as we gently step away from turkey, yet staying close to tradition with our delicious bird selection, for a wee twist on your Christmas main.  

Duck with Spiced Apple & Cranberry Stuffing 

A truly special Christmas roast, festively flavoured with a spiced apple and cranberry stuffing – it’s savoury, sweet and strong in perfect measure. Prepared with the bone in for extra wow-factor.  

Cockerel Cushion with Sage & Onion Stuffing 

With a stronger taste than chicken, cockerel is fabulous alternative for Christmas dinner that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy. When you mention the stuffing (pork, sage and red onion sausagemeat) and the fact it’s wrapped in dry-cured bacon, your guests’ mouths will be watering long before it’s served! 

Stuffed Whole Wild Pheasant 

“A bit like chicken” – but with an added gamey bite! We’re presenting you with a whole pheasant, expertly stuffed with a pork, apple and honey stuffing. These wild birds are organic, raised on a naturally foraged diet. 
Not only striking to look at, but easy to serve for an impressive Christmas dinner.  
Chef’s tip: Why not slice your pheasant and serve as an opulent starter? Our Stuffed Whole Partridge with pork and apricot stuffing also makes a delicious first course! 

The Best of the Rest 

We’re so glad you asked! Let us introduce you to some more of the restaurant-quality Christmas mains we’re proud to sell in our Christmas shop. 

Red Deer Loin Fillet

A seriously impressive centrepiece with bite! Wow your guests with Wild Scottish red deer, raised in the glens on the freshest, greenest grass around. This fillet is fully trimmed and hand-cut by our skilled butchers and is deceptively easy to cook, simply pan sear and roast for a delicious, lean and tender fillet full of flavour.   

Half Rack of Scottish Venison 

There’s something so impressive about a French-trimmed bone centrepiece, isn’t there? Stand out from Christmases past with the distinctively rich, game flavour of Scottish venison from the Scottish highlands. Truly, truly special.  

Well, what do you think? Will you stuff the turkey, or will you be with stuffed with turkey? If you really can’t imagine a Christmas without the traditional centrepiece, you’ll find our full range here. 

All our foods are quality checked to the highest of standards and delivered frozen for the fullest of flavours, so you can count on us for a delicious, memorable Christmas. Choose a delivery date of your choice and all you need to do is defrost, cook…and enjoy!  
Shop the full range today. 

Psst…let us take care of the Christmas cooking prep work this year. Check out our sides, trimmings and desserts so you get to spend more time with your loved ones…or sipping a well-deserved Buck’s Fizz!