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Seven reasons you should buy from a Butcher

Are you tired of mediocre cuts of meat from your local supermarket? You might get some good cuts one week and then be let down the next week. If you want consistently great tasting meat, have you considered trying a traditional Butcher?

Not only can a Butcher provide fresh, high-quality meat from specially selected sources, but they also offer a range of benefits that you might not have considered. In this post, we'll explore seven reasons why you should consider shopping with a Butcher. From their expertise and customer service to their wider selection of cuts and health benefits, you'll discover why shopping at a Butcher could be the best decision you make on your way to enjoying great-tasting food. So, let's dive in and explore the benefits of a traditional Butcher!

1 Quality

One of the biggest advantages of shopping at a Butcher is the quality of the meat. Butchers often source their meat from local farms and suppliers, ensuring that the meat is fresh and high quality. Donald Russell uses only grass-fed British beef to get the finest flavour every time.

2 Expertise

Butchers are experts in their field and can offer valuable advice and recommendations on the best cuts of meat, cooking methods, and recipe ideas. They can also provide cuts to suit your needs, such as custom thickness for steaks or preparing a chicken. At Donald Russell, many of our Butchers have decades of experience and pass their knowledge on to everyone in the company, from marketing to our Inverurie call centre.

3 Selection

Butchers offer a wider selection of cuts than supermarkets. For example, they may offer special cuts for specific recipes or seasonal specialties like game. At Donald Russell, we have many cuts that you won’t find easily elsewhere. From our Beef Rib Trim and Tomahawk Steaks to Lamb Cushions and Venison Wellington.

4 Customer Service

Butchers provide a personalised shopping experience and often build relationships with their customers. They are happy to answer questions and offer cooking tips and advice. Our Sales Advisors all have one thing in common – they love good food and love to help you enjoy it too.

Whether you speak to them on the phone, through our live chat or on one of our social media channels, they'll be ready to help with a any questions you have.

5 Health benefits

Butchers can often provide leaner cuts of meat and trim excess fat, providing a healthier option. They also offer a wider selection of meats that are rich in nutrients and can be difficult to find at supermarkets. Our Calf’s Liver Strips are incredibly nutritious, and we have a range of lean steaks, burgers and sausages.

6 Environmentally Friendly

Buying from a butcher can be more environmentally friendly as it supports British farmers and doesn’t rely on intensive cattle farming, which contributes a massive amount to our carbon footprints. We know that the British farmers we work with are as passionate about protecting the environment as we are – after all, their livelihood depends on it!

This is why all our beef is grass-fed and British - it's better for the cows, the environment and the flavour!

7 Price

While meat prices may be higher at a Butcher (though not always!), the higher quality of the meat and great service make the price worth it. Additionally, buying in bulk or selecting lesser-known cuts can be more cost-effective than buying pre-packaged meat from a supermarket. Did you know that a Chuck Eye Steak has the flavour of a premium Ribeye at a fraction of the price? Or how to cook a cheaper cut of meat so it’s as tender as Fillet? We’d be happy to help you find the best option for you.