Hello again!

I’m here today to tell you all about our Osso Buco. It seems to be quite an unfamiliar term for some people, so please allow me to explain a little more…

Osso Buco refers to both an iconic Milanese dish, and the cut of meat that’s used to make it. It translates literally as ‘bone with a hole’, which is actually a fairly accurate description. You see, the cut is a cross-section of a shank, cut straight across so that it includes chunky meat around a slice of bone. But the hole is not an empty space – oh no; it’s packed with that most lovely of treats, bone marrow, which adds a fantastic richness to the finished meal!

veal osso buco

The Milanese speciality involves braising the Osso Buco with white wine, vegetables and stock, and serving it with a saffron risotto. The older version of the dish is simply flavoured with cinnamon and bay leaves, and served with a tangy gremolata – lemon, garlic, anchovies and parsley, all minced up together. A slightly newer version includes tomatoes, carrots and celery. Both of these traditionally use veal as the meat, although other meats can sometimes be used as well – here at Donald Russell, we sell Veal, Venison and Pork versions of Osso Buco. It’s a gorgeous recipe, and one which I thoroughly recommend you take the time to prepare one day!


If time is not on your side, though, don’t worry – you can always enjoy our own Slow Cooked Pork Osso Buco in Sage & Onion Gravy. One of our range of Slow Cooked Mains, this is a dish I’m particularly proud of – the long, slow cooking ‘sous vide’ renders the meat so tender it just falls away from the bone. Surrounding it is a deliciously thick, silky gravy, full of the complementary flavours of pork, sage and onion – and of course, that lovely bone marrow. All you have to do is pop it straight in the oven from frozen. It really couldn’t be easier!

Well, I hope that’s explained a little more about this most wonderful of traditional cuts. Whether you prepare it yourself, or try our slow cooked version, I trust you’ll be licking your lips –and maybe even your plate.