Lorne Sausage Slices

After many, many requests from our customers, we’re delighted to announce that we are now making Lorne Sausage! Some of our southern customers may not be familiar with this traditional Scottish delicacy, so I’ll explain: Lorne Sausage is square sausage, square slice, flat sausage, sliced sausage … is that any clearer?!


As those various names imply, it’s a juicy, savoury sausage, but in a square slice, without a skin. This makes it really easy to fry up evenly, and adds more surface area for delicious browning and caramelisation…mmm! Lorne sausage is traditionally made with beef, and served as part of a fry up or – even more typically – in a soft roll, with an optional fried egg.


The first record of its name dates back to newspaper adverts in 1896. It’s probably named after the area of Scotland formerly known as Lorne (part of Dumfries & Galloway), but it’s possible that it could be named after the Marquess of Lorne – that was a common thing to do in those days.

Here at Donald Russell, we’ve made two kinds of Lorne Sausage. We’ve got our classic pork sausagemeat one, made with 80% pure free-range pork shoulder, and we’ve also got the more traditional beef version, made with rich, juicy beef flank.


We tested lots of recipes for the beef one, but the recipe that won hands done, with a unanimous verdict, was handed down through the family to our Senior Butcher, Sandy Wyllie. Sandy’s dad (also Sandy) was a popular butcher here in northeast Scotland, and trained our Sandy in the job many years ago. He’s still going strong today, and doing all his own cooking even though he’ll be 95 next birthday. Thanks, Mr Wyllie, for giving us your delicious, traditional recipe!

Mark Farquhar