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How to cook steaks

T-bone Steak

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

How do you like your meat?
All our beef products, with the exception of minced beef can be cooked rare, medium or well done. Lamb and Veal can be cooked medium and well done and pork, with the exception of fillets, should always be cooked well done.

Pan Frying
Cooking the perfect steak can be a challenge, even for top chefs. That’s because smaller cuts of meat can cook too quickly so they become dry, tough or leathery. Eddie and I recommend using a heavy frying pan or griddle (ridged pan) rather than an electric grill as you can control the temperature more easily…let’s get started!

1. Defrost your meat and allow it to bloom for at least 20 minutes.

Allow steak to bloom at room temperatureAllow steak to bloom at room temperature

2. Make sure your frying pan or griddle is preheated to the highest temperature before you start to cook your steaks. It should be hot enough that you hear a sizzle when you place the meat into the pan, using a pan that’s not quite hot enough can cause toughness. Add a little olive oil to the pan, or for a healthier option, brush oil directly onto the steaks as you’ll use less.

Make sure your pan is hot for the steakMake sure your pan is hot for the steak

3. To cook your steaks, first cook on one side, then gently turn and cook on the other. Avoid poking, prodding and repeatedly turning your steak as this lets our precious juices and can lead to overcooking. Use tongs as opposed to a fork to avoid piercing the meat.

Cook steak on both sides and flip with tongsCook steak on both sides and flip with tongs

4. Follow the cooking times below:


  Searing time per side (minutes) Minimum resting time (minutes) Approx. total cooking time (minutes)
Mini Steaks      
Rare - Medium-rare 1 - 1½ 4


6 - 8


2 - 3 3
Well done 3 - 4 2


Minute Ribeye/Sirloin/ Rump Steaks 110g

Rare - Medium-rare ½ - 1 3



Medium 2 2
Well done 1½ - 2 1


Fillet Medallions/ Rump Medallions/ Minute Rump Steaks 170g/ Ribeye Steaks/ Sirloin Steaks

Rare - Medium-rare 1 - 2 6



Medium 3 4
Well done 4 - 5 1


Pavé Rump Steaks/Fillet Steaks

Rare - Medium-rare 4 - 5 6



Medium 5½ - 6 4
Well done 7 - 7½ 1



Classic Steak Burgers - medium 3 - 3½ 5 - 6


10 - 20,

juices must run clear

Seasoned/ Flavoured Burgers 5 - 5½ 8 - 10
Gourmet Burgers 4½ - 5 3 13, juices must run clear

5. Or you can use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your steaks (below) for perfect results, before letting the steaks rest.

Use a meat thermometer to test internal temperatureUse a meat thermometer to test internal temperature