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Introducing The Crown Selection - See range here

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Five reasons to order your Christmas dinner in October

Reasons 1 to 5

Save time

Supermarkets are no fun at the best of times, let alone in December. The quintessentially British tutting as we try to find the best sell-by dates and of course, THE QUEUES. By placing your order online, means you can revel in all that time saved. What will you do? We’ll deliver to your door on whatever date you choose, up until the 22nd December.

Save money 

Hands up how many times you’ve nipped to the shops only to return without the main ingredient, and five other impulse purchases. Yep, we’ve been there too. Planning our Christmas dinner in advance means we know exactly what we already have and what we need, no unnecessary costs or food wastage.

Hassle free 

Christmas can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, can’t it? Well, imagine how you’ll feel knowing your Christmas food order is secure and will be delivered to your door on the day that you’ve chosen. Sit back and relax, knowing there won’t be any last-minute foodie stresses. All you need to do closer to the time is defrost, cook and enjoy!

More socialising  

Less food prep and less dishes means more socialising! Spend Christmas the way it should be spent: with your nearest and dearest. Forget pacing in the kitchen behind a stained apron and soak up quality time catching up on the kid’s latest adventures, playing charades and sipping on a Buck’s Fizz.

Learn a new skill 

…or maybe not. But, with extra time and money saved by securing your Christmas order in October, there’s no stopping what you could do with the remainder of 2022!

So, if you want to get ahead and beat the rush, place your Donald Russell order today. We’ve got all you need to make Christmas extra special this year, from sumptuous starters to show-stopping centrepieces (and all the trimmings!) as well as decadent deserts. Party food and nibbles? We can help with that too. The tricky bit is deciding what to have!