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  • Fully matured, home reared beef for the deepest, richest flavour
  • Free-range pork shoulder for a top quality banger
  • Mince, sausages, burgers, sides and a casserole cut - all bases covered!
  • Code: D2839
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Box Contains:
    • 2 packs Minced Steak, 440g per pack
    • 2 packs Beef Rib Trim, 440g per pack
    • 16 Pork Sausages, in packs of 4, 280g per pack
    • 4 Aberdeen Angus Burgers, 200g each
    • 2 Large Potato Rösti, 230g each

All your everyday essentials, as chosen by you - our customers! Add one of these boxes to your order and you'll have all the basics covered, in the most delicious, premium quality Donald Russell style.