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  • Recipe

    Eddie McDonald

    Beef Wellington with Haggis


    Beef Wellington is such a treat, and it’s even more special with our stunning Scottish twist.

  • Ingredients
    • These are the ingredients to make one Beef Wellington with Haggis. If you’re treating your loved one, friends or family then you will need to multiply the ingredients accordingly.
    • 130-135g Centre Cut Fillet Steak
    • 100-150g All-butter puff pastry
    • 30g sliced haggis
    • 20g cooked mushroom duxelles
    • Savoury crepe
    • Egg wash (Eddie beats an egg yolk and mixes with cream – but you can use milk if you prefer. This will create a gorgeous glossy finish, but be careful if you’re cooking the beef to well done as the pastry may darken too much)
  • Method
    1. Get ahead
    2. As all good chefs know, success begins with solid preparation. Take the time to get all your bits and bobs ready and follow these steps so you can focus on cooking your Beef Wellington with Haggis, rather than scrambling at the last minute!
    3. Sear the beef fillet all over very quickly in a hot pan (just a few moments on each side) then remove from the pan and cool quickly – you just want to sear the outside, not cook it.
    4. Cook and cool the mushroom duxelles.
    5. Cut a disc of the all-butter pastry approx 5” round for the base and another slightly bigger (approx 6”) for the top. Use any spare pastry for decoration if you feel fancy!
    6. Make one large crepe and cool, then cut two small disc approx 3” round
    7. Assemble
    8. Lay the 5” disc of pastry onto a lightly floured surface and then one of the crepe discs on top before placing a slice (or spoonful) of haggis.
    9. Place the seared fillet on top of the haggis and level it out, then add a spoonful of mushroom duxelles on top and cover with the remaining crepe disc.
    10. Brush the exposed edge of the bottom pastry disc with egg wash and carefully pop on the 6” pasty disc and mould gently over the filling, pressing the two pieces of pastry together at the base and crimp with a fork lightly to seal.
    11. Decorate with pastry strips if you have any spare, then place your beauties on a sheet of baking paper and pop in the fridge (unless cooking immediately).
    12. Cooking guidelines
    13. Well done, you’re nearly there! Now, time to cook.
    14. Remove your Beef Wellingtons with Haggis from the fridge in plenty of time so they reach, and remain, at room temperature for 10 minutes.
    15. Preheat your oven to 230°C / fan 220°C / gas 9, with a non-stick baking tray inside.
    16. Brush the pastry with your egg wash. Lightly oil the preheated tray and place your Beef Wellingtons on top (removing the baking paper) then cook for your preferred time:
    17. Medium: 18-19 minutes
    18. Well done: 24 -25 minutes
    19. (We haven’t included guides to cook rare, as the haggis needs to heat up to a safe temperature which can only be achieved with these times as a minimum)
    20. Rest
    21. Once cooked, it’s important that they rest for at least 10 minutes before serving. This gives the meat time to relax and absorb all the juices for a delicious finish.
    22. Use this time to cook your sides, set the table, pour yourself a glass of good red burgundy or Pinot Noir, and enjoy.