Beef Braising Box

Cosy and comforting - the finest stews and casseroles await

  • Grass-fed, fully matured UK beef
  • Hand cut by our experienced butchers
  • Ready for you to create our own casseroles
  • Code: D2450
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  • Servings:
Box Contains:
  • 1 pack Minced Steak, 440g
  • 1 Beef Brisket, boneless, 950g
  • 1 pack Beef Rib Trim, 440g
  • 1 pack Oxtail, bone-in, 600g


When it's cold outside, warm up your cockles with the very best, fully matured beef. Braise these gently for heavenly aromas and delicious flavours - don't forget some hot, crusty bread to mop up the gravy!