Pot Roasts

Pot Roasts - Winter

These humble cut joints are full of flavour and are so easy to cook – simply braise slowly with plenty of liquid at a low temperature. A great value option for a family sit-down dinner, with meltingly tender meat and a crispier, caramelised outer layer - what more could you ask for?

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  • 1x Beef Brisket, 950g

    1x Beef Brisket, 950g

    A flavoursome cut that simply must be pot roasted!
  • 4x Lamb Mini Shoulders

    4x Lamb Mini Shoulders

    Meltingly tender with a sweet mellow taste
  • 8x Beef Olives
    SAVE £5.50

    8x Beef Olives

    A traditional Scottish dish with a Donald Russell twist
    4-8 SERVINGS
  • Beef Shoulder Pot Roast
    SAVE £6.10

    Beef Shoulder Pot Roast

    A delicious roast with real depth of flavour
    4-7 SERVINGS
  • Beef Mini Pot Roast Selection

    Beef Mini Pot Roast Selection

    Enjoy these three beefy delights with some simple vegetables & potatoes

5 Item(s)