The ideal accompaniments for your winter feast.

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  • Rösti Variety Selection
    SAVE £3.50

    Rösti Variety Selection

    These cook from frozen in minutes to perk up any meal
  • Vegetable Sides Selection
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    Vegetable Sides Selection

    Vegetables in lovely yummy sauces!
  • Wild Mushrooms

    Wild Mushrooms

    Enjoy the enticing, seasonal flavours of these hand-picked Wild Mushrooms, all year round!
  • 4x Basmati Rice

    4x Basmati Rice

    Serving the complete curry just got even easier!
  • 8x Potato & Bacon Rösti

    8x Potato & Bacon Rösti

    Smoky Bacon, finely chopped, adds flavour like only bacon can.
  • 8x Potato Rösti
    SAVE £1.10

    8x Potato Rösti

    Savoury, soft, yet deliciously crispy

12 Item(s)