Plump, moist poultry with an old-fashioned flavour you’ll remember. From the caring Loué farmers of France, this is Chicken as it should be, with no added water, or anything else. Nothing can beat a roast chicken dinner to make you feel cosy when it's cold and dark outside!

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  • 2x packs Free-range Chicken Breast Fillets
    SAVE £3.50

    2x packs Free-range Chicken Breast Fillets

    Free-range skinless chicken breasts from the Loué region of France
  • Whole Free-range Chicken
    SAVE £2.60

    Whole Free-range Chicken

    Raised by our dedicated farmers in Loué, France, for the very best in flavour and texture
    3-4 SERVINGS
  • 2x Chicken Cordon Bleu
    SAVE £2.00

    2x Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Tender chicken breast, stuffed with Gruyère cheese and ham
  • Pollo Ripieni
    SAVE £4.00

    Pollo Ripieni

    A delicious boneless, stuffed free-range chicken roast
    2-4 SERVINGS

10 Item(s)