Poultry & Game

Brighten up your winter meals with the full flavours of our poultry and game. Our old-fashioned poultry is raised on the Loué farms in France, where welfare is paramount and the meat has a rich, well developed flavour from its traditional rearing.

Or for a real taste of the wild, try our lean and healthy, kitchen ready game. From venison to game birds, there are so many rich flavours to experience, and just as many ways to bring some fresh variety to your winter meals.

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    Our chickens are reared in total freedom in the Loué region of F...
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    A natural diet gives our duck fabulous flavour - you'll really t...
  • View Guinea Fowl
    Guinea Fowl is full of flavour, yet it's just as easy to cook as ...
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    Our venison is genuinely wild, so the flavour is much richer than...
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    Our wild game birds are rich, mellow and very easy to cook. Game ...

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