Speciality Cuts

Looking for a little inspiration? Keep your meals tasty and varied all winter long, with our delicious and versatile beef speciality cuts - perfect for adding a little something different to any dish.

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  • 4x packs Beef Rib Trim
    SAVE £10.00

    4x packs Beef Rib Trim

    The heavy marbling makes this the ultimate cut for richly flavoured stews.
    8-12 SERVINGS
  • Speciality Steak Selection
    SAVE £4.50

    Speciality Steak Selection

    Fantastic flavour is our speciality!
  • 3x racks Beef Back Ribs
    SAVE £5.00

    3x racks Beef Back Ribs

    Ribs offer unbelievable flavour - what a tasty treat!
    3-6 SERVINGS

4 Item(s)