Beef Selections - Sale

Enjoy the very best, traditionally matured beef every day, with these great value selections - part of our Winter Sale.

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  • Fillet Steak & Beef Sirloin Steak Box
    SAVE £7.60

    Fillet Steak & Beef Sirloin Steak Box

    The most prized and tender steaks…
  • Mini Roast Trio
    SAVE £7.50

    Mini Roast Trio

    Everyone's favourite - hand tied roasts
    6-9 SERVINGS
  • Traditional Steak Selection
    SAVE £16.00

    Traditional Steak Selection

    The master butchers of Donald Russell are Royal Warrant holders and have been hand cutting steaks for the world’s finest restaurants since 1974. Dry aged for up to 35 days you can now enjoy the rich flavour of our succulent UK grass- fed steaks at home.
    10-12 SERVINGS
  • Steak Favourites Selection
    SAVE £7.75

    Steak Favourites Selection

    Steaks, chops and more!
  • Customers' Favourites Selection
    SAVE £15.50

    Customers' Favourites Selection

    Fantastic value on your favourites!
  • Premium Steak Choice
    SAVE £12.00

    Premium Steak Choice

    Our top 3 steaks, burgers made from steak, and more…
  • Beef Braising Box
    SAVE £16.00

    Beef Braising Box

    Cosy and comforting – the finest stews and casseroles await
  • Butcher's Braise Box
    SAVE £38.00

    Butcher's Braise Box

    Winter comfort

8 Item(s)