Succulent, juicy Ribeye is our butchers’ pride and joy. It’s the heavier marbling which makes the beef so succulent and juicy during cooking. We mature our Ribeye for a minimum of 28 days to bring out its full, glorious flavour, making it the thing to chase away those winter blues.

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  • 4x Ribeye Steaks, 210g
    SAVE £5.00

    4x Ribeye Steaks, 210g

    Naturally rich marbling make these The Butcher's Favourite
  • 4x Minute Ribeye Steak, 110g

    4x Minute Ribeye Steak, 110g

    Expertly cut to cook quickly and evenly
  • Ribeye Roast

    Ribeye Roast

    All the deep, rich flavour and juicy succulence of a ribeye steak
    3-4 SERVINGS

4 Item(s)