Whole Wild Scottish Turbot, Medium

The King of Fish!

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Turbot is fish royalty – a superb flatfish with divinely-flavoured, firm meat. It’s so highly sought after by top chefs that you rarely see it in the shops – even ours is strictly limited in availability. Made for a showy serving platter, pair with fresh, delicate flavours – perfect with a Champagne cream sauce…
  • The very cream of the wild Scottish crop – a connoisseur’s dream
  • Fully prepared to cook on the bone for impressive serving
  • Because they’re so special, we only have a very limited quantity – don’t miss out!
Box Contains:

    • 1 Whole Wild Scottish Turbot, 1kg-1.25kg

  • Cooked Whole Wild Scottish Turbot Medium on black tray
  • Raw Whole Wild Scottish Turbot on Silver Foil with slices of lemon & lime
  • Cooked Sliced Whole Scottish Turbot
Frozen at the peak of perfection