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Quick and easy doesn’t have to mean cheap and nasty! We use only the finest ingredients in our chef-prepared ready meals, so you get all the goodness of home cooked food, without the hassle. And we’ve added some gourmet side dishes to complete your meals, absolutely free.
  • Only premium natural ingredients – nothing artificial
  • Hand made in small batches by professional chefs
  • Make life easy – let someone else do the cooking!
Box Contains:

    • 2 Beef Bourguignon, 260g each
    • 2 Chicken Kievs, 255g each
    • 2 Barnsley Lamb Chops, 220g each
    • 2 Chicken Soups, 300g each
    • 8 Pork Sausages, in packs of 4,
      280g per pack

    Plus FREE with every order
    2 packs Buttery Mashed Potato,
    230g per pack
    8 Potato Rösti, in packs of 4,
    2 packs Carrots & Petit Pois in Béchamel, 210g each
  Professionally shock frozen
Free delivery on all orders over £80.00
Storage Conditions: Store at <-18ºC

Once defrosted store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours

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